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Register for the event below to access NAO's programming software 'Chorégraphe' 

Melbourne Term 4 2018

We are excited to announce that Everybody Dance NAO Melbourne will be running in Term 4! Brainary Interactive and Digital Learning Technology Victoria  have partnered together to run this great opportunity for Victorian Schools to program NAO robots.  

Stage 1: NAO Masterclass - 17th of October DLTV Offices (5pm-7pm)

Stage 2: At school - teachers work with students to program their dances.

Stage 3: Submission - files are submitted and the top ten teams selected 16th of November 5pm

Stage 4: Final Dance-Off - for shortlisted teams

Video Tutorial: Animating with Chorégraphe

Contact us to register your interest to run a NAO dance contest in other capital cities. 

Terms and Conditions

  1. Participating teams are responsible for their own transport arrangements and any associated costs to attend the nearest dance-off event. A copy of valid insurance policy covering public liability and excursions is required.  
  2. Participating teams are required to have appropriate teacher/parental supervision for the duration of the event.
  3. Participating teams are required to bring their own lunch
  4. Participating teams are required to inform both the Brainary if they have any specific health or accessibility requirements. 
  5. Teams that bring their own NAO robots to the event are responsible for their care and maintenance. The Brainary take no responsibility for any damage, theft or loss suffered at the event.
  6. All teams and competitors agree to accept the judges’ decisions as final.