MiRo-E - Educational Robot  


MiRo-E is an advanced AI robot adapted for education and learning coding…!
After extensive research and the remarkable success of the developer version MiRo-E is now available to schools! 

Why is MiRo-E right for your classroom?

MiRo-E's robust hardware is optimised with 10 degrees of freedom, a wide sensor array and Wifi/Bluetooth connectivity. MiRo-E provides unparalleled interaction with students and their environment.

The user-friendly interface gives students a unique workspace to follow a curriculum or test their own code on a simulated MiRo. This can then be run on the Raspberry Pi within the physical robot, allowing several students to develop their own behaviours using a mix of established text and block-based programming languages.

MiRo-E's engaging pet-like appearance stands out from other educational robots and immediately stimulates student's imaginations. They learn how to code, implementing their creative ideas through the highly featured platform.

MiRo-E is the perfect fit for any classroom, including SEN and student emotional care. MiRo-E can be used from P-12 and in various subjects to provide a well balanced multi-level learning experience. Example modules help guide educators to develop learning materials and encourage teamworking.

Provides an unique opportunity to engage non-STEM minded students in the Digital Curriculum and has been proven to change the way learners view themselves in the context of STEM.

Also includes battery and charger!

MiRo-E Student Interface:

Example Code.png

Pre-orders are now available for a January 2019 release