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NAO Humanoid Robot Australia & New Zealand

NAO Humanoid Robots

NAO Humanoid Robots

Who is NAO? 

NAO is the world’s leading and most widely used humanoid robot for education, healthcare, and research. NAO is 58cm tall, autonomous, and fully programmable robot that can walk, talk, listen to you, and even recognise your face.


  • Choregraphe - program behaviours with simple drag and drop boxes or through complex coding in multiple languages.

  • Curriculum - teach step-by-step lessons suitable for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education

Health, Rehabilitation, and Autism Therapies

Research & Develop

  • SDK - Create modules in C++, Python, Java, MatLab, or .Net

  • Simulator - Test your applications in a 3D workspace

How does NAO work? 

Made up of a unique combination of hardware and software, NAO consists of sensors, motors and software driven by NAOqi, a dedicated operating system. This combination of technologies gives NAO the ability to detect its surroundings. Using the embedded software, NAO is then able to interpret what it has detected and activate programmed responses. 

Creating elaborate behaviours, accessing the data that is captured by the sensors, and controlling the robot are made possible by the movement libraries, available through graphics tools such as the Choregraphe programming software.

NAO has:

  • 25 degrees of freedom: for movement

  • Two cameras: to see its surroundings

  • An inertial measurement unit: which lets the robot detect if it is upright or sitting down

  • Touch sensors: to detect your touch

  • Four directional microphones: so NAO can hear you

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