Teacher Training and Professional Development - Robotics and STEAM. 

At The Brainary we are passionate about building teacher confidence and capability in the areas of robotics and STEAM. Our training modules provide teachers with the skills and tools to deliver highly engaging programming and robotics lessons that cover key requirements of the new Australian Digital Technologies Curriculum.  

Why the 'A' in STEAM? 

Incorporating the Arts in STEM programs enriches learning by leveraging the critical and creative thinking skills fostered in the arts and humanities to create a more rounded student experience. As such, our training places emphasis on cross-curricular applications for robotics, such as creating students-led projects exploring the ways that robots can be programmed help people in society. 

Mode of delivery

Training sessions are delivered onsite*, are hands-on, and utilise many popular robotic platforms including: NAO humanoid robots, EZ-Robot, Sphero, & BinaryBots.

Skill levels

Training can be tailored to suit teachers with little or no programming experience through to those with considerable knowledge. Depending on skill level, participants can choose to cover drag & drop programming, basic python coding, and ‘EZ-Script’ (a variation of ‘C’). 

NAO robot training modules

NAO-specific onsite* training helps schools leverage NAO robots to their full potential. Our training is broken into three half-day modules, which can be delivered individually or as a complete package: 

Level 1: NAO basics, introduction to algorithmic logic, basic programming with ‘Choregraphe’, and simple lesson plans.

Level 2: Intermediate programming with ‘Choregraphe’ (facial recognition, animation, and other advanced functions) and lesson planning for projects based on real-life applications for NAO. 

Level 3: Advanced Programming with NAO using Python code. 

*Travel costs may apply depending on the school's location.