NAO assists tertiary students in getting a foothold into the IT industry


The Youth IT Careers program at Victoria Polytechnic is a fully-funded course aimed at young people experiencing barriers to education and employment. The ten-week program provides the skills, literacies and support required to get started in the industry and obtain a Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology.

The end result is really to have students gain employment in IT
— Nicola

Nicola Stevens - the ICT teacher for the Youth IT Careers Program - describes the multi-part program as exciting and the first of its kind to be offered within these types of programs. And NAO is definitely the highlight of the classroom.

The unique part of the program is definitely the use of our brand-new NAO robots, which is very exciting, so the students are actually learning how to program them, make them come to life, make them talk, which is awesome.
— Nicola

NAO Robot in Tertiary Education & Research

NAO Robot - Creating new generations of scientific and technical experts.

A Powerful Educational Tool for Teaching Coding, STEM, and Advanced Programming. 

NAO comes complete with Chorégraphe - a fully programmable platform.  For high-level programming users can create modules with the SDK provided in C++, Python, Java, .Net and MatLab.  

View the video of NAO robot at a tertiary technology camp: